A father lost his son in a car accident.

A place at the side of a lonely road has been set aside in memory of a father who lost his son in a car accident. The man came alone into this place every night in the darkness.

In 2003, a tragic car accident in Richmond, California, claimed the life of a young man.

The child belonged to Ray Olson. Ray was devastated by what had happened and wished to establish a sacred spot where his kid had died.

Ray anticipated that Chevron, a multibillion-dollar company, would ban him from establishing a particular location in memory of his son when he learned that they owned the property.

Without the owner’s consent, Ray erected this place on his own initiative.
He made the decision to keep it a secret since he believed that nobody would be aware of it. Ray visited the spot of his son’s death every night, haunted by grief.

After nearly 13 years of stillness, he one night found a ticket indicating that something else would be built where his construction was. Like his son, Ray was concerned about that location because it served as his only link to his past.

When he initially got the message, he thought they were going to burn the place and remove the only thing that gave him solace.

However, he was astounded after reading the entire statement. He never would have thought that the company would erect a brand-new memorial at the site of his son’s 13-year-old death.

The company worked together to design a stunning tribute for Ray’s son that has a lengthy inscription. The memorial was erected in Ray’s son’s honor and remembrance, according to the plaque.

Along with this amazing act of kindness on Ray’s behalf, the company also built a seat next to the memorial for anybody who wants to visit the location where Ray’s kid passed away too soon.

Joe Lorenz, a Chevron representative, claimed that Ray was in this place and that he no longer needed to travel there at night to conceal.

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