Police Called After 11-Year-Old Boy Seen Selling Beer, But There’s a Funny Twist in the Fine Print

We’ve seen a lot of lemonade stands on hot summer days, but not many beer stands!

One Utah boy had an ingenious twist on the traditional lemonade stand, plus a strategic marketing plan that resulted in a successful (and controversial) summer business. 

The 11-year-old boy set up a table to sell his goods, marketing his product as “Ice Cold Beer.”

The sign drew a lot of attention from neighbors, many of whom called the police because of the boy’s age. 

Except, when the police showed up to the scene, they noticed that the boy had actually written “Ice Cold Root Beer” — he had just written “root” in very, very small

Police said the boy’s root beer stand was busier than ever thanks to the inventive sign.

The local police shared the story on their Facebook page, saying, “This young man, in the area of 600 South 200 East, has a twist on a lemonade stand,” they wrote. “Yep, he’s selling beer …

ROOT BEER, that is. His marketing strategy has resulted in several calls to the BCPD, but apparently, it’s paid off as business has been good.”

The Facebook community has been applauding the young boy’s business acumen, saying “Awesome! Way to go! Genius! We need more young entrepreneurs.”

Another said, “Great going! Kudos to the kid for thinking up the idea. I hope he made a lot that day!” 

So far, the Facebook post has been shared more than 6,000 times and gotten more than 850 comments and nearly 8,000 likes.

We could definitely go for an ice-cold (root) beer right about now…

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