Simone Biles Shares BIG Announcement No One Saw Coming

Simone Biles, the renowned Olympic gymnast, has announced her marriage to Jonathan Owens through a series of stunning Instagram posts on April 22.

Biles shared pictures of her white dress and white flowers, and Owens wore a beige suit and white loafers.

The couple had an intimate wedding ceremony in front of a judge, and they plan to celebrate their love with a larger ceremony with their family and friends in attendance at an unknown time.

Biles had previously revealed that she and Owens had obtained a marriage license, and they announced their engagement in February 2022.

Simone Biles had made her Olympic debut in Tokyo 2021, and fans were anticipating seeing her famous defy-gravity routines.

However, Biles suffered from the “twisties,” a mental block that affected her physical performance. She lost control and fell when she started to spin in the air, making every one of her tricks exceedingly perilous for her to throw.

Biles ultimately decided to pull out of all events except the Beam, and her colleagues helped her win silver in the all-around competition and bronze in the individual events.

Biles said that they were human too and needed to protect their minds and bodies rather than just performing for the world.

Simone Biles has won more medals than any other American gymnast, more than any other gymnast in history, and has four routines named after her.

She has a floor exercise, a beam exercise, a vault exercise, and a Biles II exercise.

She competed in the 2021 Classic while wearing a leotard featuring the rhinestone outline of a goat, further cementing her status as the Greatest Of All Time.

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