Pat Sajak describes his emergency surgery. He feared he would die from the torture.

Pat Sajak, the legendary host of “Wheel of Fortune,” was afflicted with agonizing pain while on a morning walk with his daughter.

He didn’t know the gravity of the problem until hours later when he was rushed into surgery to treat his clogged bowel. Pat admits he felt he might not make it out alive during this time.

Luckily, the renowned game show presenter is back in good health and feeling better after a successful procedure and a month-long rehabilitation!

He had been curled up in the fetal position on the bed, in terrible pain, and none of the medicines his doctors gave him helped.

Then, all of a sudden, he was provided relief from his torment when he was given medicine that washed away his pain.

He was surrounded by brilliant pastels and the distant sound of his wife and daughter talking, although they were standing near him.

He silently thought, not morbidly, that this must be how death felt.

Sajak was worried about his family after the therapy and felt sad that they would have to face with the effects.

Thankfully, he recovered uninjured from the ordeal and realized he had been under the influence of medicine.

He said there was no need to do anything else because the cause of his intestinal blockage had not been found.

Sajak has been feeling excellent since then and has resumed recording episodes of the show without incident.

Vanna White filled in for Sajak on set while he was recovering. During an interview, Sajak quipped that he was worried White would take over his job forever!

Pat Sajak expressed concern when he discovered his companion enjoyed organizing parties. Yet the long-time Wheel of Fortune host is still confident in entertaining audiences.

He is confident that he will continue to bring humor to the show and help the contestants buy vowels for a long time.

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