A man dug a tunnel to a pub for years to avoid his wife’s snoring

Living with someone you love is wonderful. You laugh, eat and sleep together. But there are also disadvantages.

One of the most common problems in relationships is that one partner snores. This man, George, was tired of his wife’s snoring that kept him awake at night. But the way he dealt with it was tremendous, and also delusional. George is a plumber who was happily married to his wife, but he had one problem. Inspired by a movie 800 meters from his house was a pub. And after watching the movie ‘Walls of Hope’ in which a prisoner dug a tunnel for 19 years to escape from prison, he got the inspiration he needed. And so George, with the help of his tools, dug a tunnel from his house all the way to the pub, a project that took him 15 years Complete.

The tunnel ended in the women’s bathroom at the pub, and around 11:00 p.m., every night, he would enter the tunnel, drink a few beers, and return home to sleep. George, happy that he was finally caught, said: “My wife wondered why I smelled like alcohol every morning. And the owner of the tavern suspected that every evening I just appeared out of nowhere,” reports the Men’s Corner website. There are good and bad ways to solve problems, but this man’s solution had us laughing.

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