This little boy is cleaning the planet from garbage. He has already collected 5000 bottles.

Ryan is only nine years old, but he has already made a huge contribution to saving animals and reducing garbage.

It all started when the boy was three years old. Ryan was the only child in the family and his parents tried to fulfill all his wishes.

Once Ryan asked his parents where the garbage goes, and dad told him that the garbage is taken to the landfill and some of it is sorted and taken to recycling.

Then Ryan asked his father to show him where the processing plant is located. This is how a three-year-old boy learned how much harm is done to nature when we throw away garbage.

Especially due to pollution, great harm is done to marine animals. Ryan started collecting bottles, cans, and sending them to recycling companies.

In the beginning, he collected small amounts from his house and from neighbors. However, over time, Ryan expanded his activities.

He began to collect garbage throughout the city as well as put up posters asking people to sort and bring garbage to him.

He inspired many people with his actions. Volunteers from different cities soon joined him. Now the boy is already nine years old and he has not abandoned his idea.

Moreover, he launched a whole movement, the purpose of which is to clean up the planet from garbage and save marine animals.

The boy’s parents say that he is a very kind child and loves animals since childhood.

When he found out how much garbage is thrown into the ocean, he decided to help the animals at all costs.

Parents supported Ryan in everything. They helped him sort the waste, and his father took the bags to the recycling shop.

Ryan also recently launched a t-shirt business and decided to donate the proceeds from sales to charity.

The boy became famous all over the country. He leads an active lifestyle and often speaks in interviews.

In one interview, he told reporters that he wanted to save up money and buy a garbage truck so that he could collect even more garbage and take it to the workshop.

This amazing child is an example that each of us can make our planet a little better.

Let it be a small step, but this step will be for the benefit of nature.

Ryan got many followers not only in his country, but also abroad. A thousand children help the scavengers collect and sort bottles.

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