Sad Update on Jack Nicholson’s Health: Battle with Dementia Takes Toll

The friends of legendary American actor Jack Nicholson are reportedly concerned about his health. The actor, 85, has become reclusive and as per reports he is suffering from dementia.

Although he stopped acting after 2010’s romantic comedy ‘How Do You Know’, he has made often made public appearances. The last time he was seen in public was in October 2021 when he enjoyed a sports match with his son Ray Nicholson. As per RadarOnline, a source said, „He’s made it clear his home is his castle. But people just wish he’d come out of the house and pop up to tell them how – or at least reassure folks he’s OK. Jack’s in touch with certain relatives – especially Ray, his protégé, who he’s so proud of – but his socialising days are long gone.”

The source added, „Brando died a virtual recluse after leading such a colourful life, and Jack’s friends are drawing the comparisons. His kids will visit, but they’re his only connection to the world. It’s like he doesn’t want to face reality anymore and that’s just sad.”

Nicholson is regarded as one of the greatest actors of all time. He was known to completely disappear into his characters, and excelled at characters who were not quite right in the head. He is one of the only three actors with three or more Oscars (Katharine Hepburn died with four Oscars, and Meryl Streep has three trophies). 

Nicholson was bestowed with Academy Awards for his performances in films like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, ‘Terms of Endearment’, and ‘As Good as It Gets’. He is also known for performances like Joker in ‘Batman’, Jack Torrance in ‘The Shining’, Col. Nathan Jessup in ‘A Few Good Men’, and many more.

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