UPS driver sees note scribbled on package, helps toddler and mom escape

When a UPS driver picked up a package, he noticed a note scribbled on it. He could have written it off as some kind of twisted joke. But, he didn’t.

Now, a toddler and his mother have been rescued from a living nightmare, thanks to the delivery man…

One UPS driver found himself in the right place at the right time and helped save a mother and her 3-year-old son from an ordeal their husband and father forced them to go through.

The movie-like rescue took place all thanks to the observant UPS driver who noticed the message the abused woman managed to pass to him through the package he picked up from her.

The abuser, James Jordan did the unthinkable. He locked his young son inside a room and left him there for 15 hours without any food or water. The boy was able to hear how his mother was severely abused, both physically and sexually. Jordan took her phone so she couldn’t contact anyone and beat her severely.

Once, she tried to escape, but Jordan caught her and dragged her back to the house by pulling her hair.

And then, as she was convinced there was no way out of the situation she found herself in, she came up with an idea and prayed God it worked.

All she hoped for was for a person to be observant while on the job. Luckily, God listened to her prayers and sent the right UPS driver at her door.

As she handed him the package he was about to pick up, while her husband held a gun behind her and told her not to speak to the driver, she pretended everything to be fine. What Jordan didn’t know was that the woman managed to write a message on the box. She scribbled “contact 911.”

Luckily, the UPS driver noticed the message and could feel it wasn’t a joke. He immediately contacted 911 and in no time, a SWAT team responded to the call and rescued the woman and her child from Jordan.

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