Finally the Recipe for Floor Cleaner That Leaves No Trace

How to avoid marks on tiles? How to remove grease from tiles? Whether it is porcelain stoneware, slate, tiles or ceramic, if as soon as someone walks on your floor footprints form or as soon as you mop the floor you see marks, resembling greasy streaks , do not blame the tiles, but the products you use and the way in which this cleaning is carried out.

Find out how to clean your tiled floor easily and differently using this tip?

Shine floors and tile joints with baking soda

When the tiles in your house look gray and the joints have become dirty, there is another miracle product to help you recover them: baking soda. If you use grandmother’s tips on a daily basis, you probably have a pot of them stored in a cupboard at home! To clean tile joints with baking soda, here is the method to follow:

Good to know: to prevent fairly exposed tile joints (in your kitchen or bathroom for example) from getting dirty too quickly, you can cover them with a varnish for tile joints which will protect them from stains and humidity

In a spray bottle, mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 10 centimeters of white vinegar. The mixture will start to foam like a mini-volcano: don’t worry, this chemical reaction is completely normal.
Spray the baking soda-white vinegar mixture on the dirty tile joints, then leave the product on for 24 hours until it can act.
Scrub your joints using a toothbrush or sponge, rinse with water, and admire the result!

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