My Husband Doesn’t Believe Our Daughter Is Biologically His and Asked Me for a Maternity Test

A Reddit post about a new mother, u/Nectarine-Power, dealing with her husband’s paternity doubts went viral, highlighting misunderstandings about genetics and the complexities of postpartum depression in fathers. The couple’s baby girl had distinct features compared to both parents, leading the husband to question her paternity due to her darker complexion and hair color.

The OP, understanding yet shocked, agreed to a paternity test to reassure her husband but was taken aback when he also requested a maternity test. Despite her attempts to explain genetics, her husband, a software engineer, remained unconvinced.

Reddit users shared their insights and personal experiences with changing physical features in babies, emphasizing the unpredictability of genetics. Some suggested the husband might be fabricating doubts as an excuse to leave, but a later update revealed he was suffering from postpartum depression.

After seeking therapy, the husband began addressing his mental health issues. The OP’s story underscored the need for better understanding of genetics and the impact of postpartum depression on new fathers, moving the narrative from suspicion to empathy and hope for the family’s future.

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