Bride Calls Police on Groom’s Mom Right before Wedding Ceremony & He Supports It

A 28-year-old woman was excited to marry her 34-year-old fiancé after a one-year engagement. Like every bride-to-be, the woman wanted to look her best on her big day and wasn’t expecting any inconvenience. However, things didn’t go as she had planned.

The woman shared a shocking incident from her wedding day on Reddit, asking other users if she was at fault for reacting unjustly to the situation. Before sharing what happened, the woman recalled a few instances from the past.

As a family tradition, the woman’s mother gave her a pair of earrings on her engagement, telling her that women in their family from each generation had worn those earrings on their wedding day.

The bride-to-be confessed those earrings reminded her of her late grandmother, who passed away around the time of her engagement. She added that receiving the family heirloom made her feel honored, and she planned on wearing the earrings on her wedding day. She revealed:

“They are 4.00ct dangling earrings, and they are worth a lot.”

Three months after her engagement, the bride-to-be went shopping with her mother, sister, and her fiancé’s mother. Excited to find the right wedding dress, she brought all her wedding jewelry along, including the heirloom earrings, to ensure they matched well with the dress.

That was the first time the groom’s mother saw those earrings and said they looked beautiful. While the bride-to-be found her dream wedding dress, her mother explained the story behind the heirloom earrings to the groom-to-be’s mother. Little did the woman and her mother know that those earrings would cause a rift on the wedding day.

What Happened on the Wedding Day?
Looking forward to having the best time of her life, the bride had kept everything, including her wedding dress, jewelry, shoes, flowers, and makeup, ready in her room so she didn’t have to look for anything at the last moment.

Before she got ready, her fiancé’s mother entered her room and remained there until something unexpected happened. The bride recalled going to the bathroom while her fiancé’s mother was in her room, but the woman had disappeared when she returned.

At first, the bride wasn’t sure why her soon-to-be mother-in-law had suddenly left the room, but everything started to make sense when she noticed that her heirloom earrings were missing. She said:

“I knew straight away that she had taken them.”

Hoping to get her precious earrings back, the young woman left her room and confronted her fiancé’s mother, who denied taking the earrings. Upon seeing her reaction, the bride asked to check her handbag, but the woman refused.

As a result, the woman threatened her soon-to-be mother-in-law by saying she would call the police. Since the woman wasn’t complying with her, she dialed 911 on her phone, and soon, everyone saw the police pull out the heirloom earrings from the woman’s bag.

At that point, the police asked the bride if she wanted to press charges against her fiancé’s mother, but she wasn’t sure. When she talked to her fiancé about it, he supported her and said he wouldn’t mind if she wanted his mother to be punished legally.

What Happened Next?
The bride told other Redditors that the groom’s mother was kicked out of the wedding, and her fiancé did not mind her absence because he never had a good relationship with her. Moreover, his father was also not bothered about it because he was already divorced.

The bride and groom switched off their phones and had a great night surrounded by friends and family. However, once the wedding was over, the bride received threatening messages and calls from the groom’s family. Her mother-in-law also sent her demeaning messages.

After receiving those messages, the woman wanted to press charges against her mother-in-law for stealing her earrings, but she wasn’t sure about the consequences. She posited her story on Reddit to seek advice from other users.

Do you think the bride did the right thing by calling the police on her mother-in-law and kicking her out of the wedding? Should she have forgiven the woman instead of making her pay for what she did?

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