Paul Harvey has gone viral since 1965 with his Predictions

In 1965, radio commentator Paul Harvey issued a warning to Americans through a broadcast prophecy, and starting in the 1950s almost 24 million people watched his broadcasts for forty years,every week.No one ever thought that 53 years later, his predictions would come true.

Paul begins his “prophecy” by saying, “If I were the Devil.” He goes on to address a few present-day issues. Everyone should give this a listen. Regrettably, Paul Harvey’s predictions from 54 years ago have proven to be accurate.

“If I Were Satan” If I were the Prince of Darkness, I would want to envelop the entire earth in darkness.I would not rest until I had plundered he ripest apple from the tree, even though I would control one-third of its territory and four out of every five of its citizens.

My old habit was to whisper to the youth, “The Bible is a myth.” Rather than it being the other way around, I would convince them that “man created God.” “What is good is square, and what is bad is good,” I’ll concede.

So, whatever necessary, I should proceed to seize control of the United States.First, I would start a whisper campaign.As I spoke to Eve, “Do as you please,” I would speak to you with the serpent’s wisdom.

I would gently advise young married individuals that working makes them less human and that going to cocktail parties is a good idea. I would counsel them against adopting “extreme” religious, moral, or nationalistic beliefs.

And when I taught the old people how to pray, I would have them repeat after me, “Our father which are in Washington.”

In 1965, An Unforgettable Warning Was Broadcasted For All To Hear. 51 Yrs Later, It’s Come True

I would infiltrate labor unions and advocate for increased idleness and less labor. I find that idle hands usually work.I would sneak medications into whomever I could, sell alcohol to well-to-do ladies and gentlemen, and utilize pills to put the others to sleep.

If I were the Devil, I would advocate for educational establishments that foster intellectual growth in students while downplaying the importance of emotional regulation.Pastors would agree with me, and I would appoint an atheist to represent me before the highest courts.

With flattery and promises of power, I would get the courts to rule against God and in favor of pornography.Thus, I would expel God from the Congress Houses, the Courtroom, and the Schoolhouse.

Then, in his own churches, I would deify science and replace religion with psychology.For Easter, I would make an egg, and for Christmas, a bottle, if I were Satan.

If I were Satan, I would take from the rich and give to the poor until I eradicated humankind’s need for ambition. Then, in my police state, everybody would have to report back to work.

Following that, I would divide up families, sending women to work in coal mines, kids to wear uniforms, and objectors to camps where slave labor was practiced.

If I were Satan, I would just carry on with my current course of action because the world will perish just as assuredly as the Devil does.

My mother and I used to listen to Paul Harvey recordings back in the 1970s. He covers every topic quite accurately. Exactly what he said fifty-four years ago is happening again now!

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