There are enough kindness in the world that would help us to not let go of our hopes for a better world. Sometimes people would amaze eachother with their good deed, as we are going to tell in the story below.

Laura Larsen Failner, a flight attendant, had shared a story she witnessed on her flight. An old woman was confused at her flight, as she couldn’t find her seat. And a man had helped her to sit in his first class seat, so she would be more comfortable. Laura had shared the story of the kind man who helped the old lady, from her social medi account as she stated, “I love looking for the good in the world!”

She had wrote her story as,

“As I flew up to Washington today, I had this cute little 94 year old lady get on my plane. She was frail and had a hard time getting back to her seat. There was a bit of a confusion to where she was supposed to be seated. In first class this wonderful Gentleman saw her plight and flagged me down.”

“He said, “can you please get her and put her in my seat and I will take hers.” He walked back with me to get her and take her to first class. She was so touched. The woman gave him a big hug and said “Never in my 94 years has someone done that for me. Thank you young man.” She had tears of gratitude.”

“It was amazing how his thoughtful act changed the attitude of everyone on the flight. May we all look for the little things we can do, to help others around us and show Christlike acts of kindness.”

Credit / Shutterstock – Markus Mainka

“In this crazy world let’s all try to Be the Good.“ she concluded her story.

The story Laura shared received more than 20,000 likes and comments, while shared for more than 10,000 times.

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