A terrible accident happened in Oklahoma City, as twin siblings drowned in the backyard pool. The mother of the twins found the deceased children after it is unfolded that the great-grandmother with Alzheimer’s forget that she opened the backdoor.

18-month-old twin siblings, Lokclyn and Loreli, lost their lives, when their great-grandmother who has Alzheimer’s disease forget that she opened the door to pool, where the twin siblings drowned.
The terrible event happened in Oklahoma City, the mother of the twins, Jenny Callazzo found her twin babies in the bottom of the pool, that was sitting on the backyard of their house.
The twins were unresponsive at the time the mother found them. Authorities stated that the twins were pronounced dead, after two hours from their mother found them.


Callazzo, the mother, owns a boutique, and is a stay at home mother. She is living with her other family members at the $565,000 house. Her six children, her husband Sonny, and her grandmother. Sonny is a 42-year-old marketing executive.
A relative of the family stated that great-grandmother is suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. And she forget that the door was open, and the twin siblings went out, and fell into the pool.
Officers who are working on the case, do not believe that there are any foul play regarding the drowning of the children.


After their loss, a GoFundMe page was created for the family, to help their expenses, as it is stated in the page, “These beautiful babies were taken from us too soon. Anything you can give to help with expenses would be greatly appreciated. We appreciate everyone’s love and support,”
Coordinator of trauma at OU Health, Laura Gamino stated that parents should be aware of the accidents that their children might experience at home, and try to prevent them before it happened.


She said, “Anything can happen in an instant,”
“Children are attracted to water and toddlers won’t have the skills to be able to help themselves get out of water … Drowning is very sudden, and it’s very silent,”
“Sometimes people have an idea that a child will have trouble in the water and be screaming, but they can’t because their mouth is full of water. So it’s very silent, and that’s one of the scariest things about it.”
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