The legend of the swallow. One of the most beautiful stories. You don’t need much time to read it

It is said that when the Savior Jesus was a child, living in Nazareth, he played together with other children of his age, making clay birds. He places them on the bank of the river, with outstretched wings, rejoicing. A Pharisee passed by and asked Him angrily:

– What are you doing there, child of sin?

And when the Pharisee wanted to smash the clay birds, Jesus touched them with His little hands, full of care and love. The birds came to life and flew away, without the Pharisee being able to destroy them. They turned into swallows, having a gray color at first. They flew to the roof of a house, where they made a nest. Since then, they used to build their nests in people’s houses.

Later, when Jesus became a man and was taken to Golgotha, for crucifixion, the faithful pilgrims followed Him with cries of pain. They did not know how to help Him and began to pull out the thorns from His crown, which were stuck on the divine forehead. When Jesus died on the cross, the swallows cried and put on a mourning garment: their color changed from gray to black.

It is also said that, being Jesus on the cross, He was very thirsty. But a soldier only offered him a sponge soaked in vinegar, from which the Lord did not take. Seeing this, a swallow came to the cross and gave it a drop of water from its beak.

The soldier noticed and tried to shoot her, without succeeding. The swallow came again, with the second drop. Even then it was not targeted, and Jesus would have wanted to stop it. But the swallow came a third time, when she was pierced by the soldier’s arrow.

The Savior wept for the poor bird, blessing it. That is why the swallow is considered a holy bird among the people and no one destroys its nest.

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