Shannen Doherty was ‘frightened’ of her brain tumor surgery.

On Wednesday, the actress shared a video from her January surgery to remove and biopsy a tumor in her brain on social media.

“I’m clearly attempting to be brave, but I’m terrified.” “The fear was overwhelming to me,” part of the video’s caption reads. “I was terrified of the worst-case scenario, worried about leaving my mother and how it would affect her.” I was concerned that I might emerge from surgery as someone other than myself. This is how cancer can appear.”

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star had released a video from January 12 of this year in which she was having cancer treatment just days prior.

“My CT scan on January 5th revealed Mets in my brain.” “Yesterday’s video showed the process of getting fitted for the mask that you wear during brain radiation,” the caption reads. “On January 12, the first round of radiation was administered.”

“It’s clear that I’m terrified. “I am extremely claustrophobic, and my life was chaotic,” Doherty, 52, stated. “I am fortunate to have wonderful doctors like Dr. Amin (Mirhadi) and the incredible staff at Cedar Sinai.” But that worry…. the upheaval…. the timing of it all…. This is how cancer might appear.”

The “Charmed” actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, but it was cured two years later. Doherty stated in 2020 that the cancer had returned and had progressed to stage 4.

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