A Policewoman helped an old woman cross the street, but few expected what happened next! What happened to the policeman next

Two police officers were awarded by the Minister of the Interior, Mihai Fifor. The two agents helped people

old enough to cross, and their gesture was made public by the minister. Moreover, the police officer offered accommodation to a tourist from Germany who had lost her documents and money.

The images of the two policemen were posted on Saturday by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports Digi24.

„Mihai Fifor met with Oana and Robert, two police colleagues, to congratulate and encourage them. Both stood out for their civic spirit, lending a helping hand to elderly people when they needed it.

Moreover, the altruism and wisdom that Oana showed towards a young tourist from Germany, attracted the gratitude of the German authorities, who sent thanks

written to the Romanian Police. In short, while on duty, she was approached by the tourist, who had lost all her documents and money.

He found the solution on the spot, offering her accommodation for a few days, during which he helped her contact the German Embassy in Bucharest, so that she could return to her country.

Such employees guarantee that this institution regains the trust of society, because, when the situation requires, they are neither careless nor superficial”, the MAI officials wrote.

People also reacted negatively, with hundreds of comments in which they mentioned the case of an elderly woman who was fined for failing to cross when the traffic light was green.

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