Life-saving St. John’s wort tea: 10 reasons to drink it every morning instead of coffee

„The medicine against 100 diseases” – that’s what our great-grandfathers said about this tea.

Even if some are convinced that folk medicine is nothing more than a relic of the past, no one can say that the benefits of St. John’s wort are exaggerated. I still remember spending summers at my grandmother’s house. Since the end of July, he has been asking me to collect St. John’s wort and bring it to him to dry.

My grandmother would always tell me about the properties of St. John’s wort as we separated the flowers from the stems, tied them with a thick string and hung them to dry on the porch. When I would come home at the end of the summer, my grandmother would already have a bag of dried flowers ready for me and put them in a little package, along with pies and other sweets she made. Ever since then I learned to drink this tea when I had a problem.

Prophylactic properties of St. John’s wort:

1. Strengthens the nervous system. For this, a St. John’s wort tincture is prepared. Grind 50 g of dried flowers and put them in half a liter of vodka. Leave to infuse for 10 days, strain and take 20 drops three times a day.

2. Normalizes vegetative fluctuations. For this, you need to brew some St. John’s wort tea. Pour boiling water over the dried St. John’s wort and let the tea steep for 10 minutes. Drink this cup of warm tea in the morning.

3. It helps with concentration. Make tea with equal amounts of St. John’s wort and St. John’s wort. Drink a cup of tea after breakfast. The drink is very useful especially for students.

4. Restores the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. For this you need to drink St. John’s wort tea for two weeks. However, experts recommend not drinking more than 4 cups a day.

5. It relieves rheumatism. Combine 25 g of St. John’s wort with half a liter of olive oil. Pour the mixture into a glass jar and store in a warm place for 5 days. Place the container with the contents in the sun so that the liquid turns a bright red color. Remove the layer of water that has separated and massage the affected areas with the resulting oil.

6. Heals wounds and bruises. The above oil will also help you get rid of shingles, heal bruises faster and even relieve pain from sprains.

7. Solves the problems of stomatitis and gingivitis. Mix 10 g of dried flowers with 50 g of alcohol (70%) and rinse your mouth thoroughly with it. Insist for 10 days. The medicinal mixture will quickly eliminate the ailments mentioned above.

8. Eliminates hemorrhoids. Take a hot bath in that area with one tablespoon of dried St. John’s wort flowers to half a liter of water. To make it easier, you can use a basin. But you can only stay in that bathroom for 5 minutes.

9. Fights herpes. Take half a teaspoon of linseed oil enriched with St. John’s wort and apply on the rashes with a cotton pad soaked in it. The same remedy helps with flu, drowsiness and depression.

10. Solves skin problems. The benefits of St. John’s wort infusion are simply enormous when it comes to skin care. St. John’s wort acts as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and cleansing agent.

Essential oils, acids, flavonoids, vitamins from different groups, alkaloids and ceritic alcohol relieve a whole list of health problems. St. John’s wort tea, oil or tincture, applied regularly, brings results in just a few days.

It is best to collect St. John’s wort only in dry weather before noon: when the sun is not yet burning, but there is no morning dew either. Properly prepared flowers should dry within 2 days. Then it is better to store them in a dry and dark place.

Dried St. John’s wort can be stored for many years without losing its properties.

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