“I gave every part of myself to this marriage.” Bill Gates’ ex-wife spoke for the first time about the true reasons for the divorce.

“There were days when I just lay there and cried,” Melinda Gates, the wife_of_Microsoft_founder_Bill_Gates, said of her divorce.The_couple_announced_their_divorce in May of last year.It took three months for them to finalize everything.

The public was taken aback by Bill Gates’_divorce_from_his_wife after 27 years of marriage.Many people were curious about the causes_behind the demise of what appeared to be a robust union.And Melinda_addressed the issue for the first time, providing her version of events.

Bill Gates’ divorce from Melinda Gates: For the first time, Melinda_shared her version of events.

Melinda Gates explained that her choice to divorce her husband after 27 years of marriage was motivated by a number of circumstances.In a new interview_with_Gayle King, which aired on CBS, Microsoft’s ex-wife said that “not one thing, but many things” contributed to the end of their marriage.

There were rumors that perhaps some major scandal had affected the spouses’ relationship. This probably led to the divorce. However, according to Melinda Gates, this is not the case. There was no large-scale conflict. It’s just that over the years, more and more disagreements appeared between the partners. They gradually accumulated, as often happens in couples.

Melinda says that they tried to solve all their problems as they came. They talked through and worked through everything related to their relationship. But, apparently, a solution was not always found. Which ultimately led to complete discord. “At some point I came to a point where I realized that enough was enough . I realized that this was an unhealthy relationship, I couldn’t trust what we had ,” admitted Melinda Gates.

Rumors about Bill Gates’ frequent infidelities

Although the couple separated peacefully, the Internet, of course, did not miss the chance to make something incredible out of it. First of all, they said that the real reason for the divorce was Bill Gates’ infidelities. And permanent ones. Understanding where the legs grow from is not so difficult. After all, just in the spring of 2021, several women complained about Bill Gates.

He was accused of harassment . Women from Microsoft claimed that Gates explicitly hinted at intimacy and relationships with him. In addition, there was a lot of talk about Bill’s friendship with financier Jeffrey Epstein. The latter was accused of harassment (and worse) of minors.

Bill Gates’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein

Melinda Gates was against her husband’s communication with financier Epstein (now deceased). “I didn’t like that he [Bill Gates] had meetings with_Jeffrey_Epstein. I let him understand this ,” the woman explained. She also added that she met with the convicted _Epstein_exactly once. She didn’t want to judge him in absentia. Melinda emphasizes that she “wanted to see who this person was . ” After meeting Jeffrey, Melinda was no longer glad that she had decided to do it. “I regretted it as soon as I walked through the door. He was disgusting . He was the embodiment of evil. My heart breaks for these women.”

Melinda was having a hard time with her divorce.

The decision to divorce was not so easy for the spouses. Melinda Gates recalls that after her divorce she often cried . She didn’t know where to move next. However, the woman does not regret divorcing Bill. “I don’t doubt myself now. Not at all ,” she said in an interview. “I gave every part of myself to this marriage,” Melinda admits. Of course, she still has a long period of healing to go through.

Melinda believes she and Bill have not become adversaries, but they are also not friends.”Of course, I wish him the best of luck.”I don’t mean any harm to him.I believe we have a fruitful working relationship.”They will continue.”Remember that the ex-spouses raised three great_children and_established_a_foundation that_operates all over the world.

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