The pregnancy progressed normally up until

Olesia, a young Russian woman, was overjoyed to find she was expecting.

When the woman discovered her baby kid had malformations during an ultrasound, the pregnancy was otherwise going according to plan.

“His hands don’t develop, and all of his internal organs are swollen.” Even though the parents couldn’t handle the news, they persisted. The doctor asked them with words that cut like a knife through their hearts, “Do you understand that this is a cross that you will have to bear for the rest of your life?”

A kid with specific requirements! You will be held accountable! You’ll only practice medicine and hope for his quick death.

The child’s father, Eugen, was sobbing and clenching the corner of the table so firmly that his fingers were going white.

But they reacted in a commanding manner and proclaimed, “Our child shall be born!” Following that, the doctor gave them a document and explained:

It is your line of work. To put an end to any additional complaints, put your knowledge of the ultrasound results in writing.

The mother’s worries about her son’s personality persisted as the months leading up to the baby’s birth passed.

While Eugen was consciously trying to ignore the doctor’s advice in order to please his wife.

He turned the bedroom into a playroom for the kids as a result. The crib was constructed by him.

On a frigid December night, Olesia’s water broke. Eugen brought his wife to the hospital, put on Olesia’s jacket, and sat down.

Three hours later, the delivery room was shaken by a loud scream. The narrator exclaims, “You have a young girl!” A cozy ball was placed on Olesia’s breast. Additionally, the small hands had been completed.

The doctor left the home and walked out into the yard. Eugen was there, he saw. “Mr., Mr.! You have a daughter, I take it? Congratulations! She is also in excellent health. Eugen sat in his chair and fixed his attention on the doctor. She was thinking of the word “healthy” nonstop.

The subsequent scan revealed Nadezhda to be in excellent health. Olesia’s large uterine fibroid was found in the interim.

They allegedly found an anomaly associated with this dangerous sickness during the scan.

After then, Olesia underwent a critical procedure. Unfortunately, it was necessary to remove every female organ.

Olesia ruffled her daughter’s hair as she dozed off because she was worried about what would transpire if the doctor was successful in convincing her.

Here is a photo of Nadezhda, a little girl:

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