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Shania Twain, who is most known for her work in country music, has acknowledged that she was abused physically and sexually as a child by her stepfather.

She explained that she had to learn how to defend herself and her mother, but that the experience had left her feeling resentful and ashamed.

The Sunday Times conducted the interview. Twain is attributed by adding that she tried to hide her femininity so as not to attract her stepfather’s attention.

She turned to music as a way to deal with her emotions and the “unpleasant stuff” that was going on outside of her home and made her feel “ashamed” to be a woman.

Twain’s mother and stepfather died in a vehicle accident when she was 22 years old. She was consequently in charge of raising her younger siblings.

To support her family, she started singing at a resort hotel, but she regularly battled the feeling that she was being objectified.

She quickly learned how to feel at ease performing as a woman and following the release of her smash albums—of which Come On Over was one of the most popular—her career took off.

Twain claimed that her childhood trauma-related wounds had healed, and she is now more assured and unapologetic about being a woman. She has great expectations that her story would inspire young women to find the courage and honesty they need within themselves.

By the time I signed my record deals, I was the type of person who made people feel uncomfortable when she entered the room. That woman was me.

My nonverbal cues were pretty clear. And I think maybe young women might learn to exude that confidence as well, she added.

Twain also talked about her new album, The Queen of Me, whose release date is set for February 2023. The conversation touched on this subject.

According to her, the album addresses issues of self-acceptance and empowerment and is a mirror of her journey of healing and growth. She has great expectations that it will inspire others to embrace who they truly are in all of their distinctive and authentic glory.

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