Man collects pennies for 45 yrs leaving bank tellers at a loss for words when he arrives to cash in

A Louisiana man, Otha Anders, spent 45 years collecting pennies, leaving bank tellers astonished when he decided to cash them in. Anders, a teacher, started collecting coins in the late 1960s, not for wealth but simply because he enjoyed it. Even when the government offered $125 for every $100 worth of pennies turned in, he declined, finding value in the collection itself.

Anders viewed collecting pennies as a reason to pause and say a prayer, attributing special significance to each coin. He never accepted coins as gifts, insisting on acquiring them through his efforts for inner satisfaction. The practice of stopping to pray whenever he spotted a penny became vital, serving as a reminder to be thankful.

Filling large water jugs with pennies became a substantial undertaking for Anders. Originally aiming for five giant water jugs, he eventually filled 15 five-gallon jugs. Realizing the financial value of his collection, he contacted the Origin Bank, where he had been a customer for years. Despite the complexity of the process, the bank, appreciating his business, assisted him.

The jars, filled with over 513,614 pennies collected over 45 years, had to be opened with an ax, taking over five hours. Ultimately, Anders’ coin collection was valued at thousands of dollars, totaling a little over $5,136. The unique story of his penny collection left an indelible mark, showcasing both sentimental and financial worth.

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