Something like this had never happened before and no one believed it was possible. He is the miracle child of the planet, look what he did just a few minutes after birth

A medical team in Brazil literally gasped when they all saw why this little boy was in such a state just a few miracles after birth.

This newborn defied every rule of normal growth the doctors and nurses knew, even gravity. Why?

Because he started walking just minutes after he was born.

People working at a hospital in Brazil were trying to give the little girl her first bath, but the child had other ideas.

In the clip below you can see the miracle child, as he was called in the international press, trying and even managing to walk on his own.

In the background the people in the room can be heard saying:

,,Oh my god, the little girl is GOING! God! Let me film this!”.

Immediately they call another colleague, then they all cry!

It is not yet known where exactly it all took place, but it is believed that the midwife works at the Santa Cruz hospital in the city of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil.

This incident is so special because it normally takes 12 months for babies to walk.

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