When he returned home, he discovered his daughter and wife in the crib

Matt and Dyana have known each other since childhood, and their affections have grown stronger. Luella, a wonderful child, has joined their family now that they are married.

Dyana recently shared a photo of herself on Facebook, taken by her husband, sleeping near to their daughter. The accompanying story is so fascinating that it made me cry as I read it. I hope it has as big of an impact on you as it does on me.

“Our daughter Luella was sobbing a lot since her first teeth were coming in. I sat next to her to help her relax, and before long, we were both nodding out.”

Daughter and wife in crib

“I awoke to find Matt already at home. His face had a concerned expression, and his eyes began to well up. Even though I was scared, he immediately reassured me everything was fine.

He knew how much he loved us when he saw me with our child. We unintentionally reminded him of a story our preacher had told us.

We’d leave Luella at home and go to church on one of those days. After the service, we visited with the pastor, and he told us about an incident he witnessed in an orphanage in Uganda.

He toured boarding schools and orphanages worldwide as a missionary, but the Ugandan one stood out. When he initially entered the enormous room with around 100 cribs where they were newborns, he was taken aback by the “screaming” calm.

In such a room, one would expect to hear someone crying, but there was complete silence.
The priest’s response to his question about why all the children were acting strangely will stay with him for the rest of his life. When the children arrive at the orphanage, they are all wailing uncontrollably.

To convey his pain, he shouts and asks his parents for assistance. Nonetheless, they all calm down after a week.
I know they are no longer needed, and no one can console them.

Silence indicates that the children are sad on the inside. The kids are aware that no one, if anyone, will arrive to pick them up.

This story completely shocked us. We told ourselves that we would never disregard our children’s screams again. I’ll soothe Luella no matter how tired I am, even if she complains in the middle of the night.

Matt understood everything when he spotted Luella and me in the crib without saying anything. While I slept, he prepared dinner. When I awoke, he grabbed my hand and said, “I love you more than anything on this planet.”
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