The prince had been “humiliated.” Meghan Markle makes an announcement

Meghan Markle has been in the public glare since she and Prince Harry began dating, but this has increased since they left England and the royal family.

A friend introduced them in 2016 with the hope that they would get along well and even begin a romantic relationship.

A short time later, the two made their romance public, and Meghan received attention for dating the world’s most sought-after bachelor at the moment.

She was already well-known in Hollywood, albeit not to the extent she would later become. The curiosity about their relationship swiftly extended over the entire planet.

The couple’s fast engagement piqued everyone’s interest. Following their May 2018 wedding, the pair revealed their intention to extend their family in October after Meghan got pregnant.

Meghan joining the British royal family would be difficult since she would live a completely different lifestyle, face numerous restrictions, and face many individuals who would not accept her as a member of the royal family because she was an American black actress.

Meghan was the target of so many media attacks that Kensington Palace was forced to issue a statement asking with them not to bomb her in their stories. After grown tired of everything, the two decided to leave England and retire from the royal family.

The pair has declared that they wish to provide their kid with a more relaxed lifestyle and financial independence from the royal family while continuing to support Her Majesty The Queen.

“This geographic balance will allow us to raise our son with a respect for the royal tradition into which he was born, while also giving our family the space to focus on the next chapter,” they said.

Many people were taken aback by this news, and others speculated that Meghan had pressured Harry to abandon his family.

Their family life looks to have become quieter since they made this decision. Meghan also claimed that she began keeping a diary when she first began dating Prince Harry and continued it until recently.

If he published it, it would definitely become a best-seller, but the royal family would be furious.

Meghan appears to have made some terrible decisions during her time as a member of the royal family. According to sources, she made the humiliating news of their upcoming pregnancy while the rest of the royal family was visiting Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding.

Meghan appeared to have made the decision to publicise the pregnancy on her own, but she was mistaken.

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