Over time, cooking has gotten easier with lots of helpful kitchen tools. But there’s something special about old kitchen stuff. Like, there’s this old meatball maker that looks really different from what we use now.

People think the very first meatballs were made in Rome, not just in Italy but also in other places like China, Turkey, and Persia a long time ago. They had different stuff mixed with the meat, like rice or lentils. Meatballs can be a whole meal or added to pasta, soups, salads, and sandwiches. They’re really versatile!

Meatballs are a simple and flexible dish that people enjoy all over the world. But making them the same size and shape every time by hand is hard. That’s why a meatball maker is a handy kitchen tool that’s been popular for a long time.

First, it helps make meatballs look and cook evenly. This makes them not only taste good but also look nice. Kids especially like using the classic style of meatball maker. And when families use it together, it’s a fun way to spend time.

Besides shaping meatballs, this tool can also help make perfect falafel or hush puppies. And with the newer designs, you can even use it to make things like cake pops or scoop cookie dough easily. It’s a really versatile kitchen gadget!

You can find old-fashioned meatball makers at secondhand shops or antique stores. But if you want a newer one, you can look online or in stores that sell kitchen supplies. Some new ones look a lot like the old ones, even though they work differently.


For example, there’s a meatball shaper called the “meatball master” that can make 32 meatballs that are all the same size and shape. You can keep the meatballs on a plastic tray until you’re ready to cook them. But some people find it’s quicker to do it by hand. Kids might even use it for playing with play-dough.

This kind of meatball maker is popular for families with lots of people or for those who often have guests over. Another one called the “Mind Reader Magic Meatball Maker” can make 16 perfectly round meatballs and store them until you’re ready to cook them. You can also use it for making bite-sized cake pops or dumplings.


There’s also a meatball maker called the “Meat Baller” that looks a bit old-fashioned, with slots for your fingers that look like scissors. It’s similar to an older version but today’s model is made of shiny stainless steel that’s “non-stick,” has handles that won’t slip, and makes a perfectly round ball of food.

The Spring Chef Cookie Scoop has a slightly different design. It’s not made specifically for meatballs, but you can still use it for that. It looks like a pair of locked pliers and has a handle with a silicone pad.

On the other hand, the LEEFONE Meatball Scoop doesn’t have padded handles, so it looks more like the old-fashioned version. But it’s made of shiny stainless steel that won’t stick.

Meatball makers are handy tools in the kitchen. They help make meatballs that are just right, which are an important part of many old recipes. Meatballs can be used in lots of different ways, like as a tasty appetizer for parties or in dishes like pasta and soups. Both the cook and the person eating will have a better time using a meatball maker!

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