When this baby was still with her mother, an x-ray of her revealed that she had so much hair at birth.

Alexis Bartlett, an infant from Sydney, Australia, was born with a hairy head.

Although it usually takes infants a year or two to acquire their hair accessories, an ultrasound X-ray indicated that neonates had hair just a few weeks after conception.

Six months after giving birth, little Alexis already has stunning shoulder-length hair. Her parents were anxious when they first saw the ultrasound since it appeared like she had hair on her forehead, back, and buttocks.

The young girl’s mother states that because she was born with thick hair as well, the young girl looks like her. Ironically, the young mother has a full-time job as a barber. On the beach, the baby with the thick hair caused havoc and drew hordes of onlookers.

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