Beloved actor Kevin Costner is in our thoughts 

Without a doubt, Kevin Costner is one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood. With a career

spanning many years and with a number of awards under his belt, including two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award and two Screen Actors Guild Awards, he truly is a living legend.

At the start of his acting career, charming Kevin Costner only landed small roles, but as he always knew acting was his calling, he never stopped pursuing his dreams.

After his first major breakthrough, the movie Silverado, 1985, critic Joe Leydon wrote in a review for The Moving Picture Show, “Costner, a relative newcomer, gives an ingratiating performance that should mark him for bigger and better things.” 

Well, he was so right, because soon after, the name Costner became known not only in the States, but worldwide, and he’s until this day one of the most successful actors there are.

His most recent work is the role of John Dutton in Yellowstone.

During an episode of the series, a fan spotted something unusual about Costner’s ear. In fact, part of it was missing. Once he tweeted about it, others came forward claiming they noticed the same thing and that left them worried for the actor’s health.

Some fans collected photos of the actor at a Field Of Dreams event and they spotted the same thing. A part of Costner’s ear was in deed missing.

Many speculated that he probably had ear cancer, but he never addressed the rumors.

One fan wrote, “I noticed your ear last year. I Googled it because I was worried. Couldn’t find anything. … I just hope you are alright.”

No one knows for sure what the truth behind Costner’s ear might be especially because newest photos show his ear is intact.

Whether he experienced issues remains a mystery. We truly hope he’s in great health.

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