After ice cream, a woman volunteered to snap a picture of this joyful family.

You never know when a kind act you perform for a total stranger without giving it any thought could develop into something extraordinarily powerful without your knowledge.

After his tennis practice, Joyce Rhinehart brought her nephew for ice cream. As they were leaving, they observed a wonderful family having ice cream together.

They consented when the woman requested them to pose for a picture because she suddenly had an odd urge to do so.

As Joyce stated in her Facebook post, “I took this picture and then I gave my phone to their daughter, I told her to send it to one of their phones.”

After their brief but pleasant meeting, Joyce was shocked to get a phone message from an unknown number a few days later. As he read the message after checking it, he experienced chills down his spine.

Dear lady, on June 8th, you captured a photo of us in front of an ice cream shop. This is the last picture of my family as a whole that we have because my wife passed away yesterday.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your thoughtful action. It means everything to me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Joyce maintained in touch with her father after receiving this message, which just left her shaken, and learned that the woman had been ill for a year.

It’s amazing that I gave them this gift that now means everything to them, just because I listened to my instinct and intuition that day, Joyce said in her post. “Never underestimate a beautiful gesture you make at random, apparently out of a whim of the moment, my heart is now heavy because it is with this cute family that I don’t even know,” she wrote. I’m in awe.

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