Jeff Bridges provides an update on his health – he almost died two years ago

Beloved actor Jeff Bridges has been struggling with his health in the last few years. At the beginning of 2021, it seemed like it might be the end of Bridges but he pulled through.

Now, two years later, the actor has a positive update about his health. Keep reading to know more about what Bridges has been through.

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When Jeff Bridges’ tumor was discovered, the actor recalled in an interview, “it was a 12-by-9-in. tumor in my body. Like a child in my body. It didn’t hurt or anything.”

Now the actor is happy to report that the tumor has shrunk “to the size of a marble” after he has gone through infusion and oral chemotherapy.

This happy news comes just two years after the actor almost died due to Covid-19. The actor was undergoing chemotherapy at the time which weakened his immune system and he contracted Covid-19 which proved incredibly taxing on his health.


He praises his wife in how she handled everything. The actor said, “My wife Sue was my absolute champion.” Adding, “She really fought to keep me off a ventilator. I didn’t want to be on it, and the doctors didn’t necessarily want that, but she was adamant.”

Bridges spent a long time in the hospital and was eventually given convalescent plasma as a way to treat the virus wreaking havoc on his body. The treatment used plasma from people who had recovered from Covid-19 and introduced it in those suffering from the virus to help them recover sooner.


The actor talked about realizing what was truly important in life while undergoing treatment and almost losing his life. “When you get close to losing something like that, your gratitude and your thankfulness for what you have, the people that you love, and the love that you feel for your loved ones, grows,” he said. “It just magnifies it, and that was something positive that came out of it.”

Now that he has recovered, he has gotten back to his career and is busy filming the second season of his show The Old Man.

He shared how blessed he feels, saying, “I’m so blessed to have this cast.” He added, ”To get back to what invigorates you, it feels great, man.”

After going through cancer the actor is thankful for his new lease on life. He believes that acting is now more important than ever. He said, “I’m feeling that the times are demanding us to be as creative as possible.” He added, “We should all work together to make something beautiful, like we do in the movies.”

We are so relieved to know how well Jeff Bridges is doing now. Share this with other fans of the actor so they can know about this happy update from his end.

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