Our thoughts and prayers are with the the beloved actress Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger, who was awarded an Academy Award for her acting, has admitted that the anxiety and agoraphobia she battles have rendered her unable to leave the house.

The actor, who is 68 years old and is best known for parts in films such as LA Confidential, Batman, and 8 Mile, has mostly avoided the public eye in recent years.

Basinger was quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t leave the house” in a segment that was taken from an interview she gave on Jada Pinkett Smith’s talk show Red Table Talk. The segment was broadcast on the United States morning show Good Morning America. I have decided that I will no longer go out to supper.”

“a fear of being in settings where escape might be difficult or that aid wouldn’t be available if things go wrong,” is how the National Health Service (NHS) defines agoraphobia.

A person who suffers from agoraphobia may not only be afraid of being in open areas, but also of going on public transportation, going to a shopping center, or even leaving their house.

Those who are affected by this illness are more prone to experience symptoms that are comparable to those of panic attacks. These can include a racing heartbeat, rapid breathing, a feeling of heat and sweating, as well as a nauseating sensation.

Agoraphobia is typically a complication that arises as a result of panic disorder, which is an anxiety condition characterized by panic episodes and extreme moments of fear.

There is some evidence that traumatic experiences, such as the loss of a loved one, can lead to the development of agoraphobia.

“It’s extremely dreadful to feel something as incredibly passionately as I did throughout those years and not know what it was,” said Basinger. “It’s really horrible.”

“It’s as if something inside of you just completely shuts down, and you have to relearn everything.

“I had to learn how to drive all over again. In addition, for a good number of years, I avoided going through the tunnels in Malibu.

“Everything used to make me anxious, such as… which foot should I put forward to open the door? Everything turned into a major challenge in terms of figuring out how to carry it through.

Basinger, who is co-parenting her daughter Ireland with her ex-husband Alec Baldwin, continued by revealing that she also suffered from physical symptoms, stating, “You live with a dry mouth all the time.” You have a lot of unsteadiness. You must be running on absolutely no energy at all.

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