Prayers sent Steve Harvey’s way

You don’t see mature men cry very often in our society. Although there are many double standards that apply to women that do not to males, I believe that this one is perhaps the most tragic.

Everyone is allowed to cry occasionally without being judged, after all. Hey, even large, hulking talk show presenters occasionally need to let it out!

The Steve Harvey team decided that it would be good to surprise the adored figure with something truly unique for his birthday

Although Steve says at the beginning of the video that he doesn’t want any surprises during his public celebration, it is obvious that his coworkers simply couldn’t stop themselves.

But let’s face it, the birthday boy doesn’t seem very thrilled about the sudden pause in his presentation. Calling in via satellite from Orlando, he begins to read the enigmatic lines from the teleprompter grudgingly. Let’s find out who it is.

Steve pauses a moment when he hears the word “Orlando.” It’s obvious that he’s starting to form an opinion on who this person might be.

Yet as soon as this guest’s face appears on the screen in front of him, the typically composed talk show presenter starts to cry.

Steve receives a warm greeting from the man on the screen, who is looking directly into the camera. The man answers, “Hello, this is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida, and I phoned you to wish you a happy birthday.”

Steve can hardly look back at the TV since he is so startled by the unexpected visitor. The host finally manages to say, “Hello, man. Man, I love you.

Although the scene is a little awkward, the passion is so intense that it is difficult to take your eyes off of it. Soon after, a woman can be seen standing by Rich’s side as the camera pans out. Becky, Rich’s wife, is recognized by Steve right away.

Who are Rich and Becky Liss to this sensitive talk show host, then? The three, it turns out, have quite a past.

You see, before Steve became the well-known comedian that he is today, he was employed in Cleveland and making a living as a carpet cleaner. When he first started trying his hand at being an entertainer, the Lisses offered him his first contract and even provided him a loan.

Steve wants to treat these two the best way he can when he sees them for the first time in a long time, and boy is it wonderful!

I could wax poetic about this touching video all day, but I think it’s best that you watch it for yourself. To watch how Steve Harvey thanks this couple for their kindness, simply click on the video of Steve Harvey below. I don’t know what else will move you to tears if this one doesn’t!

How do you feel about the birthday surprise? Have you ever helped someone in need in a similar way? What would you do to repay Becky and Rich? Please share any of your ideas and encounters in the comments area below.

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