According to Steve Harvey, “The God I Serve Didn’t Bring Me This Far To Leave Me.”

“When a door shuts, a window opens,” says one proverb. Indeed a million times have been displayed this adage.

Whoever said it first, one thing is sure: even though this is not a Bible verse, it unquestionably encourages people to believe in faith and hope.

Even though the abundance of heartache and sadness life may bring you, your faith in God shouldn’t be shaken; on the contrary, it should be strengthened. Deeply religious people believe that lost dreams are God’s way of letting you know that even more amazing things are coming.

Therefore, you only require patience and the conviction that everything occurs for a reason.

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However, the worst-case scenario is losing something you’ve grown to love over time. The renowned talk show host Steve Harvey has gone through something similar.

For seven seasons/years, NBC broadcast his daytime talk show “Steve” (previously “Steve Harvey”). Nevertheless, the network decided to let him go.

What transpired made some question whether the program was merely a victim of the conflict that broke out when Endeavor’s IMG Original Content took over two seasons ago.

In the show’s final season, Harvey complained about how the network handled the transition from his show to “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”.

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Despite the terrible news, Steve remained steadfast in his faith in God. On Instagram, he posted a video that genuinely touched many people.

He continues, “Close the door on me in 2019 because they were gone,” in his video. He continues, “All of this indicates that God has another door for me to open, and he makes some passionate, uplifting remarks that make us love him even more for who he is. “.

Steve says the world does not end when a door is closed.

Steve, I’ve come to understand that everything that happens to me is for my good and growth, and I’ve learned to accept God’s will. The reason being that the God I worship did not send me this far only to desert me. “.

The Steve Harvey Show, a midday talk show, premiered in 2012 with Steve Harvey. Together with Endemol Shine North America, NBCUniversal produced it; NBCUniversal Television Domestic Television Distribution handled the distribution.

The show was among the few brand-new daytime entries to receive excellent and respectable ratings. The show’s final season had an average rating of 1. 8,000,000 viewers each week.

This allowed it to surpass “Dr Phil” and reach the fifth spot among talk shows. Live with Kelly and Ryan, Phil, Maury, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Even though “Steve” is no longer on the air, the well-known chat show host is frequently seen on television. Along with hosting “Family Feud,” he has emceed events like the Miss Universe pageant and Fox’s “New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey: Life From Times.

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