A mother battles cancer and loses her hair.

A benign brain tumor caused Melanie Shaha to lose her hair in 2003. In order to make her a wig, her child let his hair grow out.

Shaha of Gilbert, Arizona, started having dull headaches, which doctors later discovered to be indicators of a pituitary brain tumor.

While a mother battles cancer, she loses her hair, so her son grows it out and makes a wig for her.

Hormones related to metabolism, stress, and growth are regulated by the small gland near the base of the brain.

The pituitary gland’s functionality was impacted by Melanie’s plum-sized tumor.

The mother of six told TODAY Parents that her surgery to remove the tumor “went pretty well.”

In 2006, the tumor had to be removed again due to a recurrence, and in 2017, a third recurrence necessitated radiation.

“I inquired with (my doctor) regarding hair loss.

According to Melanie Shaha, “and they said ‘No.’” “I had a big shed and started shedding hair three months later.” According to the National Cancer Institute, “I was amazed.” “Hair loss in treated regions is a side effect of radiation.”

Without hair, you stick out like a sore thumb, and well-intentioned people could say things that break your heart, she said. I just don’t enjoy looking sick, even though I don’t mind being sick. I’d rather blend in than stand out in the supermarket.

During a family brunch in 2018, Matt, Melanie’s son who is 27 years old, cracked a joke.

He said to the publication, ” After graduating from a university with a strict dress code that prohibited long hair, Matt was relishing the pleasure of growing his hair out when “something clicked.”

On the other side, Melanie Shaha didn’t want to put further stress on her son. I would compliment his hair, and he would respond, “Coming soon to a head near you!” she said.

By March 21, Matt had grown his hair to a length suitable for a wig—12 inches. He went to his mother’s house with a few coworkers and chopped it all off.

Melanie said, “We were ecstatic, and as they started chopping, we bawled.

Melanie received a hand-tied wig in June after Matt’s hair was moved to Compassionate Creations in Newport Beach, California.

Co-founder Veronica Balch remarked, “The family was such a joy to deal with. Hence, when someone selflessly shaves their head for a family member, it is much more astounding what we do.

Her wig has won Melanie over. She said, “The color is gorgeous, and we had it trimmed and combed by a pro. “Matt says that looks fantastic on me.”

Melanie understood that it would be challenging to top Matt’s gift. That most certainly fills your emotional tank.

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