Abandoned by her father, she had a tough childhood, but she managed to become a great actress, and the whole world admired her beauty

Now a well-known actress and a remarkably beautiful woman,

Jennifer Aniston (50 years old) had a difficult childhood alongside a mother who criticized her constantly and caused deep traumas.

Jennifer’s mother, Nancy Dow, was an actress herself, and although she wanted the best for her daughter, she didn’t know how to interact with a little girl.

From the early years of her life, Jennifer Aniston noticed how the problems in her parents’ marriage escalated, and eventually, they divorced.

She remained in her mother’s custody, who continuously criticized her, highlighting all her physical flaws: eyes too far apart, a nose too big, a few extra pounds gained during puberty.

Soon enough, Jennifer Aniston discovered that her school troubles were due to dyslexia, a reading disorder that prevented her from understanding written texts correctly.

She realized that she wasn’t unintelligent as she had believed, and from there, she began to question whether her mother’s criticisms were also unjustified.

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