Shannen Doherty, who played Brenda on the TV show Beverly Hills 90210, has started saying goodbye to her family for the last time.

Shannen Doherty has been fighting breast cancer bravely for eight years and recently came to Instagram to offer an update on her health.

She shared a photo of herself wearing bandages with the caption “#cancerslayer” and a comment about having early morning scans.

Doherty has undergone hormone therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and, eventually, a single mastectomy since her initial diagnosis in 2015.

Even though the last few years have been hard for her, she is determined to beat breast cancer and keep fighting.

Shannen Doherty’s cancer journey began in 2017, when her illness was discovered to be in remission for the first time. Regrettably, a repeat of stage IV breast cancer happened the following year.

The malignant cells have moved beyond where they first appeared and are now present in various body parts.

Breast cancer stages range from 0 to IV, with higher numbers suggesting that the illness is more aggressive and has spread away from the site of origin.

Breast cancer at stage 0 is noninvasive, meaning it only affects the vents and does not spread to other body parts. Stage IV, on the other hand, indicates that cancer cells have spread beyond their original tumor and are now present elsewhere.

Almost 150,000 people in the United States have survived metastatic breast cancer to live a life of hope and perseverance.

Modern medical technologies have substantially enhanced their life expectancy, allowing patients to cope with the disease over the long term.

This year, actress Jane Doherty starred in two television shows to help them through this process: List of a Lifetime and Dying to Belong.

Both are intended to support and encourage those battling metastatic breast cancer while increasing awareness of the disease’s potential impact on patient’s lives.

Also, these examples show how technological advances have helped many people with cancer live longer and live their whole lives despite the disease.

The actress has been bravely and openly talking about her battle with cancer on social media for a long time. She spoke of going through chemotherapy last October, which made her nose bleed and made her feel weak.

A buddy sent her silly pajamas to cheer her up, and it did! She found humor in the circumstance, allowing laughter to assist her in overcoming what appeared to be an impossible task. The star’s story demonstrates that we can all find strength, even in the most challenging cases.

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