Their daughter announced to them that she has made a new friend at school. When they saw her, the parents went straight to the police. The 17-year-old mystery was solved :

Their daughter came home with her new friend and her parents were shocked. A case from Cape Town was solved after 20 years. In 1997, a woman was about to lose her newborn baby after someone stole it from the hospital while she was sleeping.

What happened after 20 years is truly incredible. Their daughter came home with her new friend and her parents were shocked. Stories in which a newborn baby is kidnapped often appear in movies, but it seems that such situations also happen in real life.

This happened to a mother from Cape Town, whose child was stolen. Celeste Nurse gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 1997, but while she was sleeping, a woman dressed as a nurse kidnapped her.

Coincidentally, 17 years after the little girl disappeared, the stolen child discovered her true identity. On the first day at Zwaanswik High School in Cape Town, Cassidy met Miche Solomon, three years her senior, but strikingly similar to her.

Miche had heard from her classmates that there was a girl in the school who looked very much like her.

At first, she didn’t pay much attention to it, but when the two met in the hallway, Miche felt an incredible connection that she couldn’t explain. “I almost felt like I knew her. It was so scary, I couldn’t understand why I felt that way,” she said.

Despite their three-year age difference, Miche and Cassidy began to spend a lot of time together. “Sometimes we would go to the bathroom and I would say, ‘Let me wash your hair, let me put some lip gloss on you,’” Miche recalled.

When asked if they were sisters, the two joked and said that maybe in another life, they would have the same blood.

Well, one day, when Miche showed Cassidy to her parents, they began to ask questions, because for almost two decades, they never gave up the idea of finding their daughter. The parents learned that the girl, named Cassidy, was born on the same day as their missing daughter.

The family immediately notified the authorities and requested a DNA test, which confirmed the girl’s identity. Furthermore, Cassidy grew up all these years just a few kilometers away from her biological parents.

In the trial, the court found that the woman who kidnapped Cassiday had been seen visiting maternity wards several times before she kidnapped the child. At 52 years old, she kidnapped Celeste’s daughter when she was only three days old.

The accused defended herself in court by stating that she had adopted a child in 1997, but lost the adoption papers, after which she claimed to have met a woman named Sylvia at a hospital who sold her the child.

In the end, the woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Cassiday was placed in the custody of her biological parents. Source:

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