He is the oldest man in the history of mankind! He worked until he was 122 years old and is 181 years old. Eat this every day

Guinness World Records recorded the oldest man who ever lived.

The man was born in January of 1835 and is officially the oldest man in the world.

He was born in the city of Bangalore on January 6, 1835 and lived in the city of Varanasi until 1903.

During his life he was a shoemaker, but he retired in 1957, when he was the venerable age of 122 years.

Who is the oldest man in the world?

In the name of Mahashta Murasi, he never hesitated to show the appellants his birth certificate, as well as the bulletin, all this to prove that he is not lying about his age.

He is so old that no one in his family is alive anymore, burying even his great-grandchildren.

“I think the lady forgot about me. Many of my grandchildren died many years ago.

I don’t have much hope anymore.

Look at the statistics. Nobody dies at 150 years old, much less at 181 years old. I think I’m immortal. I might like it”, said Murasi.

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