Two Police Officers Were Sent To A Large American City After A Woman Was Caught Shoplifting.

Two police officers were sent to a large American city after a woman was caught shoplifting.

There, officers Candace Sragins and Keith Bradshaw discovered a woman who had taken $36 in food.

She apologized and wept when she returned the stolen food.

She told the police that she didn’t have enough food for her three adopted children. The mother sustained a severe head injury, was unable to work for some time, and her children went three days without food.

When the authorities got to her house, they only opened one slice of cheese from the refrigerator.

Sadly, two police officers had to file a criminal complaint against the woman for the theft.

But they made a decision that shocked her mother who knew her story.

After returning to the store, they loaded up the cart with food.

She claimed that the food would keep her going for a few weeks.

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