The father takes a picture of his daughter next to a horse.

Photos are an amazing method to immortalize any memory, regardless of how pleasant it may or may not have been at the time. Whether it’s a baptism, wedding, vacation, or any other daily event, images are an ideal way to do so. Every photographer has a catchphrase that they use to get a pleasant expression out of their subjects, and that catchphrase is “I want to see you smile.”

A photographer can obtain an excellent photo for their personal collection with a small bit of effort; however, if they are truly lucky, they will capture a frame that everyone will talk about for days and days on end.

That is precisely what occurred in the case of this young girl, who became a celebrity together with her horse buddy during an average day spent with her family.

According to Time Magazine, the picture was first published on the website Reddit, where it immediately sparked widespread interest and discussion. This young lady was making the most of the sunshine and the holiday atmosphere by spending time with her family and watching the Clydesdale horses run around as though they were getting ready for a procession.

She most likely spent some time among these magnificent creatures, though she probably avoided getting too close to them. After mustering up her courage, the young lady stepped in front of the magnificent stallion and waited for the shutter to go off on the camera.

From behind the camera, her father instructed her to “Smile.” It was at that precise instant that the photographer snapped their photograph, forever capturing the scene…

It’s safe to say that the outcome was not at all what the patriarch of the family and the rest of his family were anticipating! When they looked at the photograph, the father couldn’t believe what a great moment had been frozen in time by the camera.

The Clydesdale breed was developed in Scotland, and the horses that belong to it are large draft horses known for their forceful personalities as well as their excellent intelligence – a trait that is fairly apparent in the instance that this stallion ended up grinning on command!

Since it was uploaded to the internet, this photograph quickly gained widespread attention, and it was even selected by the website BuzzFeed as one of the top photographs taken in 2016; we are certain that the girl’s family takes as much pleasure in this picture as we do.

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