Bruce Willis’ last message to his youngest daughter

The eleventh birthday of Emma Hemming-Willis and Bruce Willis’s daughter, Mabel Ray, is being celebrated at the Willis household on this momentous day.

Emma, a mother of two, took to Instagram on Sunday to celebrate her daughter’s special day by posting a flurry of photographs and heartwarming family videos. Among the photographs were several unseen snaps of Bruce, 67, with his daughter despite the fact that Bruce’s health condition is deteriorating.

“Mabel Ray, may you have a wonderful 11th birthday! Your positive vibe is contagious. Your smile and your kindness have the power to completely transform an environment. Seeing how much you love and care for your friends and family is a great thing to behold.

Emma wrote in the caption, “Keep shining my love, and always remember to #liveitup,” which was also the hashtag she used.

The heartfelt message elicited an enthusiastic response from followers, who were eager to remark with birthday greetings and best wishes for the celebrity. A follower said, “Happy birthday little woman, enjoy every minute of your life ahead,” while another fan repeated, “Your family is in my thoughts and prayers today and every day.” “Happy birthday little lady, enjoy every minute of your life ahead,”

The birthday celebrations for Mabel take place not long after the Willis family revealed the devastating news that Bruce had been diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia, a progressive brain ailment that was “impacting his cognitive ability.”

An update was provided in February 2023, which stated that “Bruce’s condition has progressed.” This information was delivered by Emma and Bruce’s ex-wife Demi Moore, together with their adult kids Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

“Unfortunately, difficulties with communicating are just one of the many symptoms that Bruce experiences as a result of his illness. It is a relief to finally have a firm diagnosis, despite the fact that this is quite painful “they continued on.

Earlier in the year, when Emma was reflecting on the anniversary of her wedding, she shared with fans: “It got me thinking about how challenging it can be for carers to deal with “special occasions” of many kinds.

“While our person would normally recognize the occurrence, their evolving brains simply are unable to do so at this time. To put it another way, that is how it is.”

During his fight against the sickness, the Die Hard actor’s family and friends have continued to gather around him. During this trying period, Bruce’s family has pulled together as a unit in an act of solidarity. He has five children, all of whom are loving.

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