Support pours in for singer Bonnie Raitt, 73, after she discloses health news

Our best wishes for Bonnie Raitt’s quick recovery are being sent her way. The 73-year-old blues musician had been scheduled to begin her tour this month, but she has been forced to reschedule her performances because of a “medical situation.”

On social media, Bonnie’s team provided updates for her followers, and she was showered with love and support.

Five of her tour dates had to be postponed, according to the statement: “Bonnie has a medical condition that requires surgery to resolve. The physicians advise that she refrain from performing for a few weeks so that she can heal fully.”

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“Thankfully, Bonnie is in good hands,” it continues. “She was looking forward to these gigs so much, but we’re thrilled to be able to continue our 2023 tour, which will now begin on June 1 in Dublin, Ireland.

We really appreciate your consideration and good wishes as well as your respect for her need for privacy during this period of healing.”

Comments like “Love you Bonnie get better the world needs you!” and “Health and strength to THE QUEEN OF THE BLUES!!” were posted by Bonnie’s admirers as well as other offers of encouragement. “Get well soon, Bonnie!” wrote singer Brandi Carlile. “We all love you very much.”

“Everyone appreciates that you’re not pushing it and are taking care of yourself.” Then, the actor Benjamin Bratt wished Bonnie well.

Bonnie won the Grammy for Song of the Year in January for “Just Like That.” She triumphed over artists like Adele, John Legend, Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Harry Styles, and more. Out of a total of 30 Grammy nominations, it was her 13th victory. She should soon be well enough to resume performing.

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