The final words of Treat Williams are heartbreaking.

Sadly, 71-year-old actor Treat Williams of “Everwood” passed away on June 12. The actor was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident in Vermont, claims TMZ. Williams is thought to have been hit by a Honda SUV motorist who was turning left into a parking lot.

Williams was reportedly on a motorcycle when the incident occurred. The actor was taken to a neighboring hospital, where medical personnel eventually declared him dead.

Pam Van Sant, Williams’ wife, and their two daughters Elinor and Gill are grieving. After learning of his passing, Treat Williams’ family sent a statement to Deadline saying, “It is with great regret that we report that our beloved Treat Williams passed away tonight in Dorset, Vermont after a terrible motorcycle

accident.” Treat was at the top of his game in every aspect of his life, including his family, career, and personal relationships. His untimely death saddened the family, who requested privacy to mourn.

The actor from “Deep Rising” will always be regarded as a towering talent in the entertainment world.

His abrupt demise shocked everyone, and now his admirers, friends, and family are all lamenting the loss of a remarkable man. It’s even worse because Williams had just a few hours before uploading an Instagram post.

Even though Treat William had just posted on Instagram a few hours prior, his passing came on suddenly. The “Everwood” star was active on social media and frequently posted updates on his everyday activities. According to Wide Open Country, Williams, who resided in Vermont with his family, published two Instagram posts the day before he passed away that described his time there.

In one of his blogs, Williams highlighted the stunning surroundings of his Vermont property. The actor appeared to be taking a great photo while perched on a lawnmower. There is no smell like freshly mowed hay, the caption read. Williams valued the little things in life, and his Vermont home was undoubtedly one of them.

The next tweet, which was posted hours before his untimely demise, featured the actor’s magnificent Vermont house. Williams shared a video of the nearby barn and expansive hills of lush, green grass this time. Additionally, he included a photograph of a hay harvester with the phrase “Hay Day.”

Williams was having a good day at home, blissfully unaware of the impending catastrophe. Since his passing, the actor has received a deluge of condolence comments in the sites’ comment areas. In a comment, one user said, “You were sharing your lovely home with us five hours ago, and now we have lost you.” Regards to your entire family and social circle. Godspeed.”

Treat Williams wrote one final tweet before his death.

On social media, Treat Williams came across as a coward. On Instagram and Twitter, the “Hair” actor takes pleasure in posting updates about his life. Williams even made two farewell tweets hours before his sad death, much like he did on Instagram. In each of his tweets, which were identical to his Instagram posts in that they contained images of his breathtaking Vermont surroundings, he included videos of people gathering hay. The caption this time, though, read “What a real Vermonter does.”

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