Passion Of The Christ’ Star Dies At 48

One movie that is noteworthy is The Passion of the Christ. It was directed by Mel Gibson and was released in 2004. It certainly did make a mark on history.

Many people remember it because of the controversy that surrounded it but others because of the acting.

Jim Caviezel played the lead part but another notable part, the apostle John, was played by Christo Jivkov.

Unfortunately, Jivok passed away at the age of 48 due to lung cancer. He is remembered for his part in Passion of the Christ more than any other part he played.

The news was announced on the Red Carpet Films Facebook page.

They said: “Today we lost our beloved friend and dear colleague Christo Jivkov, co-founder of “Red Carpet”.

Wе are truly devastated by this untimed loss. We will never forget you!”

The IMDB website also says that he was going to bring back the role of John in the Passion sequel.

It was listed as being in preproduction with the title, ‘The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection.’

Gibson is the writer and director of the sequel, and the part of Jesus will again be played by Caviezel.

Mel Gibson spoke about losing his friend and colleague. He said:

“My dear friend Christo has lost his heroic battle with cancer. Right to the last moment he was filled with hope and his spirit was strong.

I’ll miss him but I know his suffering is over and he has eternal bliss. God keep him.”

Jivkov was born in 1975 in Bulgaria. He has played in other movies, including In Memory of Me, and the Profession of Arms.

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