He loved his little girl until his last breath. Before dying, he hid her in the bathroom. The police quickly arrived at the scene and discovered the shocking reason why the woman did this

Jessica Arrendale is a heroic mother. She hid her daughter in the bathroom before she died, making the quick decision after her attacker struck her in the head.

Despite the severe blow to her head, Jessica did not lose her strength to save her six-month-old daughter in the last moments of her life.

How it all happened:

An evening that seemed normal for a family gathered around the table turned into the biggest nightmare. In the Arrendale household, a hero was born, a woman who saved her daughter from a massacre in the last moments of her life.

The nightmare began on September 13 when 33-year-old Jessica had a meal with her daughter’s father, Cobie Antoine Davis. That evening, Antoine had consumed excessive amounts of alcohol.

All he could think of was arguing with his girlfriend and eventually hitting her so hard that it killed her. While pulling her hair and threatening to kill her, the intoxicated man abused her in every way.

Jessica tried to calm him down, but the closer she got to him, the more violent he became. The blow that caused her death was delivered with a baseball bat, according to police statements after examining the victim.

In the inferno that erupted in her home, Jessica managed to pick up little Cobie and hide her in the bathroom.

She stayed beside the baby until her last breath, as reported by historiaspositivas.com.

Jessica acted instinctively, and as she headed straight for the bathroom, she began to lose consciousness, according to doctors.

“She had incredible strength. She was unconscious, but she managed to protect the little one, who didn’t make a sound during that whole time,” Jessica’s mother confirmed to WSB Radio.

Police arrived at the scene urgently and noticed that Antoine not only intended to kill Jessica Arrendale but also their daughter. The baby had a few bruises but was alive. In the end, Antoine chose to punish himself rather than letting the judges decide how many years he should spend in prison: he committed suicide.

This story reveals the kind of world we live in. The countless victims that alcohol produces are undeniable.

At the same time, the story highlights the incredible love a mother has under such tragic circumstances, as experienced by Jessica.

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