After rescuing his nephews, the brave uncle enters a burning house to save his 8 years old niece

More proof that not all heroes wear capes can be found in the story of a valiant uncle named Derrick Byrd. It is not unexpected that the residents of his village have hailed this courageous man as a hero for sacrificing his own life to save the lives of his niece and nephew.

At the time of the fire at the family’s Aberdeen, Washington, home, six people were present, including Derrick’s sister Kayla and her three children.

Quick-thinking Derrick grabbed his nephews and jumped out of the window from the second level while carrying them in his arms after realizing that the home may potentially burn down in no time.
His 8 years old niece Mercedes observed her mother fall from the roof but decided not to leap.

Derrick quickly went back into the house to rescue his niece who was locked there. Once inside, he could feel the flames roasting his face, but saving Mercedes came first.

He said, “I could feel it burning me.”
“As soon as I had her, I take off my shirt to cover her face to prevent her from breathing in any smoke and I quickly carried her outside.”

Derrick had second and third degree burns on his face, back, and arms as a result of his brave act. He had a long healing and felt a lot of pain, but he claims he would do it again if necessary.

“I really didn’t care that I was burned, though. I’d rather burn than to harm her in danger. She is young, She continues to have a lot going for her. She’s a good girl.” He stated to KOMO-TV.

“Even if I died or got more burned, I’d go back in there and do it again.”
Derrick, who is modest, replied to people calling him a hero by saying, “I cannot call myself as a hero. I’d just like to express that I wasn’t going to allow my niece and nephews to pass away.”

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Anyone would want an uncle like Derrick Byrd. We hope he recovers quickly.

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