The 60-year-old woman had been trying to have a child for the past 20 years, but on the day she gave birth to Alina, her husband delivered news that shattered their lives.

This is the extraordinary and dramatic story of a 60-year-old woman from Serbia who spent the last 20 years of her life trying to have a child.

But on the day she finally gave birth to Alina, her husband delivered news that shattered their lives.

After 20 years of failed attempts, she had lost all hope, but that was the moment she became pregnant with a baby girl.

Months later, little Alina was born, conceived through numerous fertility treatments.

However, immediately after the birth, Atifa’s husband left her. He had a change of heart when he heard the baby’s first cry in the maternity ward and told his wife that he was too old to have the patience for a crying child.

Thus, the woman was abandoned by her husband on the very day she gave birth.

When asked why he did such a thing, the man simply replied, “She got what she wanted, now she’s happy.”

It appears that both parents had health issues, with the father suffering from diabetes and heart problems, while the woman had high blood pressure.

However, the new mother is determined to take care of her child on her own.

The pregnancy was considered high-risk, which is why the woman spent the last three months in the hospital.

Alina’s father refuses to officially recognize her, and the little girl will not bear the same family name as her father.

Atifa worked in a textile factory in her youth and has a small pension, but she confesses sincerely, “Whatever happens, whether Serif stays or leaves, I will raise Alina as well as I can. I will live solely for her. I know it won’t be easy, but I believe there are many people who will want to help me.”

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