Star Of Little People Big World Has Emergency Heart Surgery

Zach Roloff, star of ‘Little People, Big World’ has gone through emergency brain surgery.

Tori Roloff, his wife, came on to share pictures of her husband in the hospital, saying it was a ‘scary 72 hours.’

When sharing the pictures, Tori said that her husband had emergency shunt revision, but he was doing well and recovering.

She was also thankful for the prayers of those who cared about them, as well as for the neurosurgeon team. A special thank you went out for the babysitting his mother, Amy Roloff did.

The surgery may have stopped the migraines Zach was suffering from. Tori said: “Praying that Zach’s recovery is quick and easy. You’re a freaking bad a**, Zach. You just had brain surgery… and handled it like a rockstar. I’m so proud of you.”

An update was also shared from Matt Roloff, Zach’s father. He shared a picture of his son playing with the children. He said his son was “in good hands with Tori advocating tooth and nail for his best interest… all prayers up please for Zach’s successful recovery.”

The emergency surgery was for a shunt Zach had since he was a child. He has had corrective surgery on the shunt in the past, which was to help drain cerebrospinal fluid.

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