Tragic tale of a parent who was diagnosed with incurable cancer.

A father whose rare, incurable form of cancer has been identified has issued a devastating list of promises to his infant son.

After struggling to correctly swallow his food, Paul Hill, 36, received the tragic news that he had advanced diffused stomach cancer.

By making a list of pledges to his 17-month-old son George, Paul of Willerby near Hull, East Yorkshire, has demonstrated his resolve to defeat the illness.

These commitments include being present for George’s beginning and ending of school, taking him to the bar for the first time, assisting with his move into his own home, and allowing Paul to witness his own grandparenthood, according to Hull Live.

Twelve weeks ago, Paul had trouble swallowing his food and was given acid reflux medicine.

He was in excruciating discomfort with every swallow as his health deteriorated, and in less than an hour, he was unable to finish a bowl of porridge.

Paul and his wife, Jessica, decided to pay for private tests eight weeks ago because they could not wait any longer for their young family to learn what was wrong.

The sad news of their advanced disseminated stomach cancer was subsequently delivered to them.

Doctors have reported that he has had this malignancy for about five years, according to Jessica.

Only a few months ago, he began having trouble swallowing, eating became unpleasant for him, and he began spitting up after meals.

“We paid to go private since we couldn’t keep waiting for the tests to be performed on the NHS. That’s when they informed us that the cancer in his stomach’s lining had progressed to his gastroesophageal junction and into his pancreas.

Paul’s stomach could have been removed if cancer had been discovered earlier, but because he had no symptoms and was too young to be checked for stomach cancer, it went undetected and spread.

Paul has been granted the opportunity to participate in a five-year clinical trial in the UK, where immunotherapy is administered to people with the same ailment.

However, only 50% of the patients will really undergo immunotherapy.

The therapy may eventually be implemented nationwide and used in place of chemotherapy, according to medical professionals.

Jessica’s JustGiving website was started a few days ago, and more than £3,000 has been collected thus far.

In her writing, Jessica stated: “Three months ago, I was completely unaware of the effects that cancer can have on a person’s close friends and family as well as on themselves. But today, as I sit at night, I am filled with grief and a terror that I would never wish on anyone. My Paul has made a number of commitments, and his family and I will support him in every way possible to see them through.

“Five years is too long to wait. All of the funds we have received will go straight to stomach cancer research if Paul is selected for the immunotherapy study in the UK.

But if he doesn’t, we’ll have to bring him to America for medical care. He made a commitment to grow old with me, and he needs to watch his young son mature.

“This fundraiser’s goal is to increase cancer awareness and, ideally, its prominence in order to generate more funds for the disease’s research.”

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