Goldie Hawn shows her natural look walking makeup-free in broad daylight

Celebrities always make us so insecure about our bodies, we often lose our confidence seeing their flawless looks.

Most times when people dig up their true faces we will realize we all have to thank their stylists and makeup artist, as all the looks is just for the gram.

Not all celebrities fall under the category of heavy make-up and filters, some go makeup-free so that the world will see their real self and for people to see them as normal people. Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman posted recent makeup-free pictures of themselves and it has left everyone in awe.

Goldie Hawn, on the other hand, has a different view about Hollywood. America’s sweetheart stood out amongst others because of her natural looks; her talent and looks made her everyone’s favorite.

The ever young-looking granny was featured on the cover of people’s magazine’s ”Beautiful Issue” and she still looks as stunning as ever.

She said she learned how to love herself, that there might be people who won’t be comfortable with her looks, but she never listened to the voices which told her she was ugly, she understood who shE’s, and that was all she had to do.

When she was caught makeup-free in broad daylight it caused a media frenzy, people couldn’t believe she was the one and others praised her for her looks. Others said she was carefree and they can’t stop loving her personality, she’s indeed an America’s sweetheart.

Hawn talked about her skincare routine and she mentioned that the most important of them all is sleep. She mentioned using sun guard and preventing the accumulation of dead skin. She said she always takes time to give her face a massage while applying the cream as it helps to keep the face soft.

She told Pop Sugar, that her secret lies in the application of olive oil on her face before going to bed.

Hawn’s life seems to be what we all wish for, she has a successful career, a great life, and a loving partner. She has been with Kurt Russell for over four decades and they aren’t married, Hawn said they love and understand each other and it’s enough.

The two has been seen together in some movies including the recent ”Christmas Chronicles”. The grandma of six played the role of Mrs. Claus while Russel played the role of Santa Claus.

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